BluePrint for Success


A House Divided…

You are no doubt familiar with the phrase, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” That is absolutely true; but the opposite is also true: A house connected in a unity of purpose cannot be defeated.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you knew your purpose and lived according to a written plan. Not possible? Think again, because now it is possible to connect with your unique purpose in life, and finally start doing work perfectly aligned with your abilities and passion.

Gain Greater Clarity.

Introducing Blueprint for Success, a self-paced, online workshop, that reveals your unique living, breathing plan for success. Through this workshop, you will be guided interactively through a step-by-step process, to discover your purpose, tap into your passion, and write a plan to walk out that purpose each and every day.

Your personal Blueprint will bring greater clarity, confidence and the self-image to live your dream, while pursuing a life of significance.

Unlock Your True Passion for Life.

Blueprint walks you through a series of questions that unlocks your true passion for life, adds action steps to your life’s vision, as it fuels your passion to pursue the life you’ve always wanted.

As you destroy the “bogus story” that is keeping you from fulfilling your purpose, this workshop clears the way for measurable, personal progress.

At the conclusion of the workshop, you will be able to answer the important question, “What is required of me to bring the greatest return and achieve the greatest reward in life?” The Blueprint process insightful, liberating and highly effective.

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Program Curriculum

Session One: Purpose:
Who are you DESIGNED to be?

Session Two: Vision:
What you look like living your purpose

Session Three:
Destroy your Bogus story

Session Four: Passion:
Your Fuel

Session Five: Plan:
Align your purpose and passion

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