Values-Based Leadership Training


The Stromans are Certified Roundtable Specialists with Global Priority Solutions (GPS), a world leader in implementing the message of values-based leadership. For more than 25 years GPS, has focused their attention on developing high-capacity, values-based leaders. Over the last 5 years, The Stromans have worked in partnership with GPS to help national and government institutions implement values-based leadership campaigns that have changed toxic cultures around the globe.

This unique training program has been honed into a simple methodology, so others could be trained to implement it. Today, The Stromans are leading the way in a values-thirsty society by offering the materials, the process and the accumulated stories of changed lives all around the world.

The Stromans are now making this world-changing material and process available to you through a unique facilitator training program. Our facilitator training program is designed for those seeking to create long-term, sustainable, positive transformation within their organization.

Many leaders are aware of the needs in their organization, but they are unsure how to transform their culture to match the demands of their vision. That’s where we can help. The 3 R’s of our training process – Roundtables, Reinforcement, and Recognition – creates the framework for changing your culture, helping you create an atmosphere of positive change. This is an authentic and refreshing approach that people respond to enthusiastically.

Schedule your Facilitator Training today, and allow us to demonstrate the transformational power of the Roundtable process.

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