Marriage on the Rock Workshop – Online


There’s good news: You have a 100 percent chance of succeeding in marriage! But, it all depends on what you are willing to put into it—and Whom you have at the center.

Relationship experts Randy and Debbie Stroman know this firsthand. Here, they weave their own personal experience together with what they have learned through more than a decade of coaching other couples.

Whether engaged or married, you’ll find the principles detailed in Marriage on the Rock will help you prepare for marriage or strengthen a good marriage. You’ll also discover how to turn what may be a disillusioned, divorce-bound marriage into a satisfying, dream relationship.

From communication to money to sex, Marriage on the Rock is the best source that clearly deals with all the major issues a couple will encounter. This workshop discusses practical, real-life challenges and offers easy to understand solutions, even if you are the only one willing to work on the relationship. Learn how good things like children, work, or hobbies can stand in the way of your relationship. Discover who can meet your deepest needs. See what makes a destructive husband or wife. Find out how to make your spouse a priority in your marriage, and how to make time and energy for the two of you. By following the four fundamental laws of marriage Randy and Debbie outline in this workshop, you’ll find new peace and satisfaction in your marital relationship.

The honeymoon doesn’t have to be over! Discover a simple design for your dream marriage today.
Through this power-packed workshop, that has changed thousands of lives, The Stromans will show you:

Why no person can meet your deepest needs
How to make marriage a top priority
How to understand and meet your spouse’s needs
The different ways men and women communicate
How to achieve maximum sexual pleasure
Skills for raising great kids, even in a blended family

Whether you’ve been married for years or just preparing for the journey, Marriage on the Rock is the essential resource that will transform your relationship. Marriage on the Rock can turn disillusioned, divorce-bound marriages into satisfying dream relationships.


Highlights include:

A Marriage on the Rock workbook
Q&A with Randy and Debbie after each session
A personalized Marriage on the Rock certificate
Step-by-step instructions for implementing a Marriage on the Rock group in your company, community, or church

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