Meet the Stromans

Mentored by Dr. John C. Maxwell, the world’s leadership guru, The Stromans have trained thousands of professionals, pastors, entrepreneurs and individuals all across the country, and around the world, teaching them to identify roadblocks to their dreams and goals, and then shatter those barriers, to achieve breakthrough results.

Randy works with Fortune 500 companies, successful entrepreneurs, small start-ups, and non-profits seeking expanded outreach and membership growth. He represents more than three decades of hands-on, senior-level experience.  As a leadership and relationship coach, Randy captivates and empowers audiences with exceptional programs that teach real-life leadership and relationship strategies, that help leaders achieve personal and professional momentum and sustainable growth. His seminars, workshops, keynote presentations, and coaching sessions are tailored to align with the situation and skill level of each audience.

Randy Stroman lives in Dallas, TX with his wife Debbie and has three sons and a daughter.

Debbie is an Encourager to those she influences. She is a life-learner on the topics of dreams, goals, and vision. Through a down-to-earth approach, Debbie coaches her clients to discover, unlock and then utilize their untapped inner strength, by guiding them through a proven process that gets them past the finish line of their goals and dreams.

By successfully coaching hundreds of people from all walks of life, Debbie has discovered that few people are satisfied with both their professional and personal lives, and that one is often sacrificed for the success of the other.  Through Debbie’s coaching, clients have discovered how to live in harmony in all areas of their lives, dramatically increasing their satisfaction and success.

Debbie Stroman lives in Dallas, TX with her husband Randy and has three sons and a daughter.