Teaching Others Teaches You

It’s easy to feel successful when we learn a new skill. For certified John Maxwell Team member Randy Stroman, teaching that skill is not only a great way to empower others, but also the key to his powerful, personal growth. “I want it said, when I am done and gone, that I changed lives.”

An avid reader of all of John’s books, Randy joined the John Maxwell Team five years ago. When he heard that John was starting a certification program, he jumped at the opportunity to work with the team he considers “the world’s leading authority on leadership.” According to Randy, “They had me at ‘Hello, my name’s John.’”

With over 20 years of experience teaching leadership and business to nonprofit organizations, Randy knew he could enhance his skill set with the John Maxwell Team to change lives all over the world. He was deeply moved during last year’s trip to Paraguay, where he experienced the power of sharing his learnings firsthand. “It was emotional to see people capture hope, many of them for the first time, that their country could do great things; that they as individuals could do greater things.” Since then, Randy and his wife Debbie (also a John Maxwell Team member) have brought the powerful JMT message to Denmark, where they plan to create yet another transformation nation.

“Growth is a highly personal process. One-size definitely doesn’t fit all.” Randy loves the way the John Maxwell training is tailored for individual growth and understanding. “The training you receive is as unique as the faculty member doing the training,” he told us. “With such a diverse teaching approach, you will find your fit within the JMT.”

Randy continues to advance his skill set by bringing his teachings to others. He believes that “to whom much is given, much is expected.” Sharing what he has learned has helped him to enhance the value of what he already knows. “When you realize that you have what you need to succeed, you will walk through any door, face any challenge and overcome any obstacle, because you know you’re going to win in the end. Get plugged in. Lean into the teaching and become a student of the material. Then, take a step of faith and start helping others. That’s really the secret to powerful personal growth. It does some good to learn yourself, but it transforms your world to give that learning away to others.”

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