Improve Your Church

Improve Your Church In 2017

Do you have plans to improve your church in 2017? Do you need help in assessing the necessary changes and steps needed to achieve success?

We help churches assess their vision and mission and we also help churches just like yours connect with the community through assessing your methods and effectiveness. Furthermore, we can then guide you and develop a specific plan for you to effectively implement change and growth within your church.

A study recently conducted by the Barna Group via a nationwide research project was conducted by asking pastors in what ways they are likely to improve their churches in the next year. Respondents were presented with 12 possible activities and asked to rate the priority of each activity. Many, though not all, of these 12 activities related to getting assistance, expertise or resources from organizations outside the church.

Now is Time to Evaluate Your Current Approach and Find the Right Answers to Improve Your Church in 2014 and Beyond! To inquire about our programs developed exclusively to help ministries like yours, contact Convergence Leadership and Relationship Center – 1-855-GROW-HERE

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